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April 3, 2011

Areas for Fighting Games Improvement: Naruto Shippuden (Shinobi Rumble-DS)

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Naruto has been the star of almost all fighting games for the longest time, mainly because of the success of its animation series. Game manufacturers, programmers, and designers have been inspired to make variations of Naruto’s story and adventures and Naruto Shippuden (Shinobi Rumble-DS) is one of the results of their creative endeavors.

Like all fighting games, Naruto Shippuden is not that perfect. Here are some of the game aspects that need improvements:

a. Story not so good

Fighting games should be able to deliver an effective and compelling storyline to get the attention of the player. It makes the player stick to the mission. Unfortunately, Naruto Shippuden’s story is very droning. This is one aspect that was not given much attention

b. Redundant music

It is a given that fighting games are fast-paced and ever-changing so that the interest if kept and the excitement is always heightened. Naruto Shippuden does not deliver in this area. The soundtrack just keeps on repeating itself like a lullaby, definitely making the game boring.

c. Repetitive arenas

One of the assets of many fighting games is the constant variation in the fighting arenas. This adds to the dynamism of the game, making it more challenging to the players. If the arenas just keep on getting repeated, what challenge would be left for the players to anticipate? There should always be the element of surprise in these fighting platforms to make the players engrossed and motivated enough to complete the mission.

d. Slow characters

It is often disappointing to see how virtually slow your characters are when you use them. It cuts down your momentum level and your want to finish the mission. Seeing that your protagonists are slower than they are supposed to be do not exactly translate to a cool game.

Fighting games will always continue to attract gamers. Of course, it should only be expected that these games will be analyzed and compared with one another. Naruto Shippuden needs some jolt. This should make the next release a much better gaming investment for DS users.

March 14, 2011

Play the Most Fun Games Online; Ben 10 Games

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Though it might be an opinion that Ben 10 games are the most fun games that you could play online, fans of Ben 10 disagree. There’s nothing like playing the heroic role of your favorite cartoon in a game! Try it out for yourself; whether you’re a fan or not, you’ll find that Ben 10 games can be extremely addicting. Not only that, they are also entertaining if you find yourself in a state of boredom.

Ben 10 Speedy Runner

Help Ben 10 make it past all of the levels and try to score the highest by collecting all of the crystals along the way. The arrows help you to move in the game, and the space bar is used to jump in the game.

Ben 10 Jigsaw 3

This is an online Ben 10 puzzle game. Try to solve the puzzle of Ben 10 and Gwen as fast as possible.

Ben 10 Alien Coloring

Color four arms however you’d like. You can also match the coloring that is given to color his body; enjoy the game!

Ben 10 Car Scene

Drag the characters and drop them into the scene shown. There are 5 different backgrounds and five different levels to choose from; it’s a fun game so enjoy!

Ben 10 Alien Color

Another coloring game where you can color the three aliens, or just match the colors given. Have fun coloring the aliens.

Ben 10 Characters

Choose from three different puzzles and solve one or all of them. Organize the pieces and the results will be an awesome Ben 10 picture. Have fun with this puzzle game!

June 15, 2010

The Future of Flash Games

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Out of all the great things that are on the internet, many people will in particular point out the flash games as one of their favorite online past times. When one is bored, a few flash games will do the trick when it comes to passing time away and finding something to keep the kids busy. Flash games are a popular way of gaming and while they are not as intricate as the games that come out on the big systems such as the Play station, most of these games are highly addictive and can provide a constant and consistent source of addiction and fun for hours on end. Many people that are fans of flash games have composed their own directory of the best flash games and they know which sites are the best for flash players. As time has gone on, many flash players see that the flash games have improved and made it to a different level as some games have become so much more intricate as they begin to look more and more like their three dimensional counterparts. However, with the introduction of the HTML 5 and different and more complex operating systems, many people fear that there will be no need for flash games because flash will no longer needed.

As many computers and operating systems begin to include less and less flash in their makeup, the future becomes bleaker for flash fans. These fans usually play these games over and over due to their addicting nature and would hate to see the end of such flash games. However, as flash and java become outdated by the latest operating systems, gamers tend to look past the gaming ways of old to the future of gaming with the latest video technology. As gaming improves, the game makers want to make many games as realistic as possible. These game makers usually make complex games that could never be run on a computer or a device that can play java or flash. However, as computers and their entities become more complex, it becomes a lot harder for them to hang on to flash as they are becoming more and more compatible with the new types of gaming ways. Nevertheless, the real gaming fans will stick to the old ways of gaming and the flash games.

Many do fear the end of flash will be indefinitely brought on by the introduction of the new HTML 5 and its nuances but flash games will have a future on many computers due to their addictive simplicity. It would be very expensive for people to keep buying new computers and laptops to get the latest computer gaming when a simple java download would enable them to have all the flash games that they would like. There are many different types of flash and java games that are available to the public and they run quick and efficiently, unlike many new complex games. As a result, flash games have a strong and formidable presence in the face of new technology.

Top ten flash Games

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Every online gamer that is any gamer at all should be familiar with flash games and what they are. Flash games are a fun and addictive way to past time on the computer when one is not too busy. It can also be a great source of entertainment for hours on end. A person that is looking to start their flash game career may not know where to look considering that there are thousands of flash games out there and these games are hard to tell apart. So here is a list of the top ten flash games to hit the web. One should be wary of these games online and each is worth a try. A quick warning before trying these: they are quite addictive so use at you own discretion. The top ten flash games are:

1. Elite Sniper – This game is one that every flash fan has either played and enjoyed or heard about. In this game, one has a gun and in a third person view, they are able to shoot at stick figures and knock them out. This game does contain some blood and some violence so viewer discretion is advised as it is not recommended for children. In the game, the user will get a chance to do things such as zoom in order to get to their opponent and make it through each scintillating level. This game is a must play for all.

2. Thing Thing 4 – In the fourth installment of the popular Thing Thing series, the makers have finally found a masterpiece. In this child friendly game, one may spend hours on top of hours on this game. Users that have played the first three installments of this game will love it without a doubt

3. Final Ninja – Another must play for all people; this game has the exciting elements that most flash games lack. In the game, the user is the ninja and they must be able to take the ninja to the deepest levels using their mouse to interact in the game.

4. Dummy Never Fails – This is an addicting game that can keep the hard core gamer going on for hours on end. As the user throws dummies around to reach its goal, it gets to the pinnacle of the game.

5. Ragdoll Avalanche – This is the first of these series of games and the best. Nothing beats avoid the falling spikes on the way to victory!

6. Bubble Spinner – This is a welcome challenge for anyone that played Bubble Shooter. The point is the same only that the bubbles must be popped as they rotate. A must play for any child in the 8-10 range.

7. Age of War 2 – This game is just downright fun. It combines the classic game with new levels to keep addicted fans coming back for more and more action!

8. TG Motorcross 3 – In a challenging pursuit, the user travels to Australia in this version in order to learn new tricks with the bike and to do their ultimate best. Racing fans should love this game.

9. Cover Orange 2 – Do not let the fruity title throw you off. This is a fun and addicting puzzle game to play as one must protect their oranges from the damage that the rain brings.

10. Double Wires – Spider man fans would love this game as one has to swing their wires back and forth in a very succinct manner. Fans of games that require the mouse will jump on this game.

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